Scenic Points

Mantanani Island is blessed with natural gems. Create lasting memories by taking pictures at the island’s scenic points.

Sea Turtles

Mantanani is also famed for its sea turtles. These adorable creatures will surely melt your heart.
*Subject to season

Lingisan Cave

Explore the mysterious cave of Lingisan Island – the home of Germain’s Swiftlets and other exotic birds!

Dragon’s Tail

Our personal favourite! The tip of Mantanani, which resembles a dragon’s tail, is one of the most picturesque spots on this majestic island - making it perfect for romantic photos. Interestingly, the length and position of the “tail” may change depending on the waves. 

Mantanani Besar

Mantanani Besar is renowned for its breathtaking beauty beneath the waves.!

Mantanani Kecil

Explore the waters of the neighbouring Mantanani Kecil Island to unravel its secrets.

Blue Tears

Captivate yourself with the sublime view of the “Blue Tears” (or Fenomena Air Mata Biru in Malay) along the seashore - a phenomenon caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton rubbing against the salty waters - which causes the algae to glow in electric blue!

Sunset Walk

Enjoy the spectacular view of Mantanani’s sunset


Reach for the skies! Be mesmerised by the awe-inspiring stars! Stargazing in Sabah has never looked this beautiful.

Colorful fish swimming around vibrant coral reefs in clear blue waters

Coral Reefs

Mantanani’s prized possession! There’s nothing better than seeing Mantanani’s corals right in front of your eyes.

Coral Sand Bar

Step onto the sand bar, where time seems to stand still amidst the gentle lapping of azure waves against pristine shores. Here, nature paints a masterpiece of serenity and beauty.

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